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Banksy Photography
Elegance and attitude

Banksy Photography

Elegance and attitude

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About Me

I'm not "The Banksy", but I am a Banksy.

I've enjoyed photography since I got Fujifilm Finepix 2400 in 2005 although at the time, I didn't imagine that I could ever produce anything worth looking at.

A friend saw some snapshots I took on my old Fujifilm and asked me to cover her wedding. I borrowed a DSLR; went nuts; got addicted and bought my own.

Every day I'm finding more and more inspiration from fellow togs, the way pictures are captures, the way they interact with colleagues or the post processing they perform or the ideas that they have for new shoots. There's no end to the wonder of the art form.

I hope you enjoy my work even half as much as me.
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